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2017 Sep 21Razer Comms
2017 Aug 6TLDR: Base64
2016 Jul 28Thick Client Proxying - Part 6: How HTTP(s) Proxies Work
2016 May 15Thick Client Proxying - Part 5: FileHippo App Manager or the Bloated Hippo
2016 Apr 7Thick Client Proxying - Part 4: Burp in Proxy Chains
2016 Apr 2Thick Client Proxying - Part 3: Burp Options and Extender
2016 Mar 29Thick Client Proxying - Part 2: Burp History, Intruder, Scanner and More
2016 Mar 27Thick Client Proxying - Part 1: Burp Interception and Proxy Listeners
2016 Feb 21Installing Burp Certificate Authority in Windows Certificate Store
2015 Oct 19Proxying Hipchat Part 3: SSL Added and Removed Here :^)
2015 Oct 9Proxying Hipchat Part 2: So You Think You Can Use Burp?