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2022 Oct 16YAML Wrangling with Rust
2021 Feb 17Automagically Deploying Websites with Custom Domains to GitHub Pages
2020 Mar 13Time Management For Systems Administrators - Lessons Learned
2020 Feb 6Documentation Writing for System Administrators - Notes
2019 Jul 28Disabling Cascade Fan's Beep
2019 Apr 17The Dark Side of "Manual Work is a Bug"
2018 Oct 28Blackfriday's Parser and Generating graphs with gographviz
2018 Oct 6Gophercises - Lessons Learned
2018 Oct 3Reflections on "Manual Work is a Bug"
2018 Jul 4Istanbul Tips and Tricks
2018 Apr 24Semi-Automated Cloning: Pain-Free Knowledge Base Creation
2018 Apr 24Deploying my Knowledge Base at parsiya.io to S3 with Travis CI
2018 Apr 15Adding Custom Chroma Styles to Hugo Themes
2018 Mar 1The Great Hiatus
2017 Jul 8From Atom to Sublime Text
2016 Aug 1The Great Hiatus
2016 Jun 1Learning Go
2016 May 9Looking for Apps to Proxy
2016 Apr 14Cloudfront and TLS
2016 Apr 3Hugo Octopress Update
2016 Feb 14Archive Page in Hugo
2016 Feb 2From Octopress to Hugo
2016 Jan 31Why Hugo?
2015 Jul 26Image Popup and Octopress
2014 Apr 22Amazon S3 and CSS
2014 Apr 20Now hosted on Amazon S3
2013 Sep 20Update Inc
2013 Sep 15MarkDown and Cookie Clicker
2013 Sep 14Hello Octopress