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2019 Mar 9path.Join Considered Harmful
2018 Dec 22AES-CFB128: PyCrypto vs. Go
2018 Nov 18Pointers Inside for
2018 Nov 10filepath.Ext Notes
2018 Nov 1Windows Filetime Timestamps and Byte Wrangling with Go
2018 Oct 28Blackfriday's Parser and Generating graphs with gographviz
2018 Oct 6Gophercises - Lessons Learned
2018 May 5Learning Go-Fuzz 2: goexif2
2018 Apr 29Learning Go-Fuzz 1: iprange
2018 Feb 25Extracting PNG Chunks with Go
2018 Jan 19Decoding Large Base64 Files with Go
2017 Dec 29Simple SSH Harvester in Go
2017 Dec 3Go and pcaps
2016 Jun 1Go Notes
2016 Jun 1Learning Go