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Sep 21, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments - Malware Adventure

Malware Adventure

Update 28 Oct 2017:
I have moved most of my code under one repository. Malware adventure is at two places:

A fork of PAWS is here:

I finally caved in and started to push some of my code to github bitbucket. It is located at and is almost empty ;).

This is Malware Adventure. It’s a small adventure game I wrote using PAWS. PAWS is Pyhton Adventure Writing System by Roger Plowman. Get it from It’s great.

The game itself is a Python program. You define objects which can be be rooms, items etc. You can read more about it in the readme file at

PS: Yes, I should be working on the Flare-On challenge writeup. It needs more time because I am not only documenting my solution but what other stuff I did. I think failed attempts are as important as the solution in challenge writeups.

PPS: Changed links to bitbucket as I stopped using github.